7 Magic Trick Tips Using Invisible Thread

Have you ever been to a magic show, sitting there mesmerized as
you asked yourself, “How did they do that?” As you know, magic
is more an illusion, creating the vision that something is
happening although it is not. While magicians use many
different tools of the trade, one of the most popular is the
invisible thread. Trying to get magicians to divulge their
secrets associated with the invisible thread is near impossible.

However, we do want to provide you with some highlights and
tips about the top seven magic trick tips performed using
invisible thread.

What is “Invisible Thread”?

The first of the seven magic trick tips using invisible thread
is to understand what it is. This type of thread is actually a
very fine stand of nylon used primarily for getting small
objects to levitate. For years, magicians worked with invisible
thread and their hands only, meaning they had to be very precise
in their movements for the Online magician hire tricks to appear flawless.
Today, magicians can use an invisible thread reel, which not
only dispenses the thread but it is also designed to retract it.

Because of this, the magician is able to maintain a constant
tension on the line so there are no mishaps in the performance.

Invisible Thread Reel Size

The second tip when using a thread reel is to use the
appropriate size. Since different objects need different types
of control, thread reels are made in a number of different
sizes. Typically, the longer the tube the more distance you
will get from the reel while the more tension the less distance.

For magicians, the idea is to use the smaller size invisible
thread reels for close-up work opposed to a larger reel for
distance. As far as size, a stage reel is capable of extending
35 feet, which means a magician could easily perform a “floating
bill” trick in the center of a room with no nearby walls.
However, if you want to really impress a crowd, you could
perform the same floating bill trick outdoors simply by
anchoring the reel to the ground. With this, it would appear
the trick was impossible and the crown cheers.

What about Tension?

Third on the list of seven trick tips using invisible thread is
using the right tension. As you pull the invisible thread out
of the reel, there will be an increase in tension. What happens
at some point is that the pull will become too much for the
thread, causing it to break. If you want to put more tension on
the thread reel, wind more of the invisible thread into a wax
ball. What you do not want to do is add additional winds on the
elastic, which would only make it cumbersome.

Floating Objects

Next on the list is insight into working with floating objects.
When using invisible thread for a magic trick, keep in mind that
you want something that is light enough not to sag by putting
too much weight on the thread. The key is to choose objects
that you can easily move and maintain in a position in space,
which is why the floating bill is such a popular choice. Other
choices to use an invisible thread magic trick include ring
fingers, an empty soda can, etc. The greatest benefit of using
a thread reel is that when you walk away from your floating
object, you are actually transferring energy to the reel, which
can then be used to make the bill float from the floor to your
hand – magically.

Those Darn Lights

Next, to use invisible thread, you have to know how to use
correct lighting. If you are a magician or just practicing to
be one and you want to perform tricks with the invisible thread,
remember that lighting is crucial. The two main factors to
consider when using the thread reel are light source and
clothing. Typically, the best conditions for a magic trick with
invisible thread are cloudy days and the worst, direct lighting
that comes from behind you. With this, the light will only
reflect off the thread, thus being seen by the audience. For
clothing, anything dark will serve as a backdrop for the thread,
thus making it easier to see. For this reason, you should go
with lighter, non-reflective type clothing. Magic is always fun
and with some practice, you will soon learn a number of magic
tricks with invisible thread, perfect for entertaining family
and friends.


The sixth of the seven magic trick tips using invisible thread
has to do with methods of performing the tricks, such as the
Hoop Pass. This is actually considered one of the greatest
tricks you can do with the invisible thread reel, which involves
passing a solid hoop over a bill. The key is to use a ring with
a relatively thick stock, which will put less strain on the
thread as it goes over the metal hoop. Lay the hoop on the
thread so it is between you and the floating bill. Then, with
your hand, scoop the ring through so the thread is now on the
back of the left hand. Next, use the right hand to pass the
hoop over the bill. To complete the trick, all you do is let
the thread slide off from the back of your hand. Remember, this
is just one of many methods used with the invisible thread, so
have fun practicing them all.

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