The Facts About Easytone Sneakers For Shaping Legs and Butt

I don’t usually write about a specific bodypart, but I was inspired to by the recent development of companies selling booty building sneakers claiming to “help make your legs and butt look great…” The Reebok “EasyTone” sneaker probably being the best known, but there are others. The Reebok version claiming to be based on “balance ball technology” and “tones your butt up to 28% more just by walking.” I’m sure many of you have seen the commercial, but if not, do a search on YouTube for “easytone” and it will pop up.

Increased potential for Injuries?

Another essential issue here is, do these shoes increase the potential for injuries. A site reviewing these retro sneakers says “… the shoes activate your lower body muscles when you walk creating natural instability which in turn tones your legs ”

Natural instability? Women are already at greater risk of knee injuries, and adding instability to the foot, which will increase instability to the joints and ligaments of the ankles and knees, will only increase the potential for injury to women. Bad idea…

A slight increase in activity of the muscles of the legs and butt due to the added instability is not worth the potential increased risk of injury.

I see that commercial on TV and I want her to ditch those goofy sneakers and find the nearest squat rack! So back to reality: if you want a well developed shapely athletic butt and legs, no pair of sneakers is going to give it to you. Like any muscle, you will have to develop it the old fashioned way via exercises such as squats, lunges, split squats, and straight leg deadlifts.

As with any bodypart, some are more genetically gifted in that area then others, but make no mistake, anyone can develop a firm well shaped booty with the right choice of exercises, consistency, and other factors (i.e., good nutrition so said booty is not just made of muscle blurring blubber!).

Sorry, no sneaker is gonna do that for you…What’s a great booty look like as a result of proper training, nutrition, and consistency? Look up vids and pics of people such as well known fitness/figure model Monica Brant doing Straight leg deadlifts, and to paraphrase the classic line from the 80’s movie Crocodile Dundee, “That’s not an a booty.. now THAT’s an booty!”

As a final comment regarding the Reebok commercial. If you are going sell a shoe that (supposedly…) shapes up your gluteus maximus, shouldn’t you use a model that has one?! Holy Flat Backsides Batman! This gal has virtually no butt.


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