Thought About Wearing a Hat? Here’s How to Pull It Off

Many women don’t wear hats simply because they truly believe that they wouldn’t be able to it pull off. Some women believe it makes their face look big or simply believe they don’t look good in a hat. Some women, just don’t know how to wear a hat. To me, I believe that a hat is a fashion accessory that every woman should have in her wardrobe that will boost their style.

A hat is a perfect fashion accessory that can complete an outfit and improve its overall look. To pull off an outfit with a hat, you need to know how to wear one. Find a hat that you are comfortable with. It’s important to feel comfortable with the usa hat. If you are new to wearing hats it may not feel comfortable at first, but before you know it you will be receiving compliments because of your hat.

Read on to learn how.

One thing you should know about a hat is when you are shopping for one, you should pick a hat that matches the proportions of your face. You will be wearing your hat quite closely to your face and so the hat will draw attention to the features of your face. If you have a small face, wear a small hat. If you have a wide face, wear a hat with a wide brim. I’m sure we can all figure out the reasoning behind all this. A wide face with a small hat will make your face look wider; a small face with a wide hat, will leave your face drowning.

If your outfit has solid colors, wear a printed hat that brings together the colors you are wearing. Or instead, wear a printed hat that adds a bold contrast to your outfit. If your outfit consists of prints, opt for a solid colored hat to top off your outfit.

When choosing hats with color, here are a few tips to compliment your skin tone. If your skin is dark or with yellow tones, you can wear just about any color hat but do try not to stick to just black. If your skin is pale with rosy hues, then a pink or red or rust-colored hat would look nice on you.

Something to avoid is matching the material of your hat with the material of your blouse or jacket or even your scarf. You don’t want to overdo your look, or match too much. You can dress up your denims by wearing a hat, a casual look with jeans and a T-shirt This is one of my favorites that will give you the look that is casual, effortless and yet certainly more lively and interesting.

Experimenting with contrast is a very smart thing when wearing a man’s hat, like a fedora. Make sure to be a total lady in your man hat and glam yourself up with bright lipstick, rich mascara and feminine earrings to smooth the look.

Be playful and experiment with different types and styles of hats, however, here are a few things you ought to avoid when wearing a hat. Always wear your hat in front of your head, snug on your forehead. Only little girls wear their hats to the back of the head. Leave retro hats its in the past, the reason?? They’re retro, in the past and not in style. Leave baseball caps as a last resort, it will pull your style grade down a notch rather than upgrade it. Unless you are going for a jog in your sweats or getting some yard work done or camping, avoid wearing baseball cap.

Hats are a great fashion accessory. Now go and buy yourself a hat!

Fashion is an important part of a woman’s life and has become a great passion for me. When it comes to fashion, being able to look good and feel good are important, it helps build confidence.. This website helps explore and experiment with today’s trends and fashions all within a budget.


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